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Meet Roquita

Roquita Johnson is an award-winning speaker and public speaking expert who coaches in the art of communication. 

Have you ever pictured yourself giving the presentation of your life – only to have the vision dashed a few moments later?  Maybe it was a sudden lack of confidence, feeling unprepared, or another negative thought that raced through your mind.  Whatever it was, you can overcome it with the right help.

Like you, Roquita also strived to excel at public speaking.  The desire to be a more effective project leader and credible communicator at work is what initially started her on her path.  After a few years of steady practice, Roquita was able to hone her skills to the point where she started speaking competitively. She has captured first place in a number of speech competitions, most notably for her Toastmasters district’s Humorous contest.  To this day, she continues to compete to keep herself sharp.

With a background in marketing, she is well-versed in delivering presentations that persuade, employ creative elements, and engage the audience on multiple levels.

Roquita recognizes that every person is different and has their own unique speaking style.  Her goal is not to change who you authentically are. Instead, her goal is to bring out the BEST version of who you already are as a speaker. 

As a Certified World Class Speaking Coach, she works with a diverse clientele to create powerful, touching messages and deliver them confidently.

In addition to Toastmasters International, Roquita is a member of Black Speakers Network and the National Speakers Association.

She is a proud graduate of Southern Connecticut State University.