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Meet Roquita

Roquita Johnson is an award-winning speaker and Certified World Class Speaking Coach who transforms unsure speakers into confident, memorable presenters.

She works with a variety of clients, and specializes in working with business professionals and Christian faith-based speakers. 

Like you, Roquita also strived to excel at public speaking. The desire to be a more effective project leader and credible communicator at work is what initially started her on her path. After a few years of steady practice, Roquita was able to hone her skills to the point where she started speaking competitively. She has captured first place in a number of speech competitions, most notably for her Toastmasters district’s Humorous contest. To this day, she continues to compete to keep herself sharp.

With a background in marketing, she is well-versed in delivering presentations that persuade, employ creative elements, and engage the audience on multiple levels. Roquita’s keynotes leave the audience wanting more.

She recognizes that every person is different and has their own unique speaking style. Her goal is not to change who you authentically are. Instead, her goal is to bring out the BEST version of who you already are as a speaker.

As a Certified World Class Speaking Coach, she helps clients create powerful, touching messages that stay with the audience long after you’ve left the stage.

In addition to Toastmasters International, Roquita is a member and proud partner of Black Speakers Network.

She is a graduate of Southern Connecticut State University.

If you are ready to deliver that message that you know YOU can only give and ready to deliver it confidently, contact Roquita today to get the personal help and guidance you need. The world is waiting to hear your message!

You can start today by simply taking the skills assessment survey. Roquita will follow up with you right away for your free consultation.

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