Beginner Speakers Toolkit for Christian Female Speakers


If a major goal for you is to speak on stages, would it make your life A LOT easier if someone took the frustration, confusion, and stress out of the process?? Of course it would!

I remember what it was like starting out on the professional speaker journey. I stumbled a lot as I found my way, and tried to figure out just what resources and tools I needed to get started on the right foot.

I created this toolkit exactly for this reason!

This NEW digital resource will include:

  •     A workbook with the questions you MUST ask yourself to get crystal clear on your message and the audience you want to serve

  • The most effective strategies and platforms for finding speaking opportunities

  • How event planners can find YOU

  • Over 40 events looking for speakers every year (broken down by popular topic categories)

  • 50 social media content ideas to increase your visibility, attract your target audience, and build your credibility

  •   One-Sheet templates that you can easily plug in your own information for event planners

  • The 3 MUST-HAVES for a speaker intro that gets the audience excited to hear you

  • A handy Fee Options template that includes ideas for how you can customize (there are MULTIPLE other ways to get paid if an organization can't pay you monetarily!)

All this for only $47
Get your toolkit today!