If you are...
-Tired of struggling with WHAT content to use in your speech
- Constantly worrying about "boring" your audience
-Always feeling those paralyzing knots AND butterflies in your stomach, due to nervousness
-Overwhelmed at the speech preparation process

Then my virtual "The Confident, Clear, and Engaging Speaker Workshop" is for you!
October 15, 2022 (Saturday)/11 am - 3:30pm CST

Perhaps you'd like to feel ready for speaking opportunities presented to you, be seen as an expert, or just feel more poised when addressing an audience. Whatever your reason, having the public speaking basics down will make the presentation experience less stressful and frustrating for you.

During this interactive hands-on workshop for Christian female entrepreneurs who are ASPIRING or NEW speakers, three key challenging areas will be our focus:
1. CONTENT: What needs to be considered first, how to decide what to KEEP and what to CUT for clarity, organization structure, 3-part formula for opening with a bang, closing with impact

2. ENGAGEMENT: Verbal and non-verbal ways to engage, using visual aids the right way, fun and creative tactics to keep your audience on their toes

3. CONFIDENCE: Practical tactics for managing nerves days and minutes before the event, strategies for calmly handling a variety of situations that can throw you off during the event, avoiding credibility-killers

You will:
 -Go through the step by step process for creating and organizing your speech content (you will work on the outline for a new speech or bring one you've started working on)

-Flesh out the opening, first major point of your speech, and closing

-Have the opportunity to participate in confidence-building activities and hot seat exercises for practicing an engaging delivery, and receive feedback (I am big on my participants DOING and not just WATCHING!)

By the end of this workshop, you will:

✔️Have a foundational outline created that you can build upon for a real-life speech
✔️Know the fundamentals of public speaking so you will show up confidently for your next speaking occasion

If you are a Christian female entrepreneur who wants to be an engaging speaker by getting the basics down, REGISTER TODAY!

All workshop participants will receive materials for creating and organizing their content, as well as have access to the session replay (this will be recorded).

>>This workshop is ONLY $297! <<

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Christian Female Entrepreneurs, are you ready to show up as a confident and engaging speaker for your next speaking opportunity? If so, keep reading!