Wouldn’t you like to be the kind of speaker whose message sticks with the audience long after you’ve left the stage?

Besides helping you become more comfortable overall in the art of public speaking and in person/virtual presenting, some areas you and Roquita may work on together are:

Whether you need to craft and deliver a speech for an upcoming engagement or simply want to develop and hone your skills, private coaching provides an in-depth, intimate, and interactive experience for the serious speaker and presenter.

• Pinpointing your presentation objectives
• Defining your core message and points
• Techniques for building a connection with your audience
• Selling your message effectively through masterful storytelling
• Presenting your ideas persuasively
• Using humor in an organic way (say NO to “forced funny”!)
• How to open your speech with a bang and end on an unforgettable note
• Tactics for increasing audience engagement
• Mastering your body language so your confidence shines through
• Preparing for the Q&A portion of your presentation
• Structuring your presentation for the best logical flow
• Identifying the best visual aids to support your message, if necessary

Roquita offers two coaching programs to fit your needs:



This program is ideal for those new to or relatively inexperienced with public speaking. With nine (9) one-hour sessions to take advantage of, you will grow your skills exponentially. 

This program covers the areas that you need to develop the most, and offers more guidance for the emerging speaker. Mastering a new skill is not an overnight process, and you’ll have the opportunity to absorb and apply your new knowledge over a series of focused sessions. This program is also great if you have an upcoming speaking opportunity where you’ll have ample time to create, refine, and practice your speech/presentation. You will also have one debrief session to discuss your presentation’s performance, and receive discounted prices to select events that Roquita offers.



If you have some experience with public speaking and giving presentations, then this program is more suited to your needs. 

This package option offers four (4) one-hour sessions that will focus on helping you achieve your immediate goals. Perhaps you have a presentation to prepare in a short period of time, or just want to polish up your skills. After all, the speaker who stays ready never has to get ready! This program includes one debrief session after your speaking engagement.

In each coaching session, you will be taught the World Class Speaking tools and formulas that will allow you to succeed in a variety of speaking situations. Sessions are conducted via Zoom video conference and utilize material that you are working on for a future presentation, or one that you have already presented. Your unique content is always the “star of the show.” Investment costs and other details can be discussed with Roquita.

“Roquita helped me prep for my last two speaking engagements.

She helped me organize my thoughts, and she gave great delivery tips for telling my story to high school students and adults. She’s kind, knowledgeable, and an award-winning speaker! If you have to give a presentation or speech – see Roquita!”

Stacy Graham-Hunt

Roquita surpassed our expectations!

“I know Roquita as an outstanding member of the Toastmasters chapter we both belonged to. Because Roquita is an arresting public speaker with a highly polished professional demeanor, I asked her to address my chapter of SLA on presenting yourself well, at work and during the job hunting process. Roquita surpassed our expectations. She personalized her advice to us and delivered it with thoughtfulness, humor and a healthy dose of her unique charisma.”

Lorraine Moneypenny

“It is a privilege to have Roquita as a mentor and coach in the arena of speech writing and Public Speaking.

I have learnt so much from her on how to craft and deliver engaging stories that are impactful. Through her honest feedback and advice I’ve been able to win various club and area speech contests at Toastmasters Events. I continually look forward to learning more from her. “

Goziem Ononye

“Roquita is an outstanding public speaking coach.

My mother and I had coaching sessions with Roquita and she gave helpful tips on how to engage the crowd and speak comfortably and confidently in public settings. Thank you for getting us out of our shells and showing us how to create our comfort zone when speaking in public.”

Helki Roundtree

“Your message was so authentic, educational, meaningful, and inspirational! 

 Roquita, you were a superstar! Thank you so much for bringing your very best to the Newman’s Own Foundation Fellows workshop. Your message was so authentic, educational, meaningful, and inspirational! I could not have been any more delighted with your presentation and facilitation on the topic of resilience. I’m so thrilled the fellows got to hear from you, and I look forward to calling on you again!”

Jennifer Purdon





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