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Speak Up! The Ultimate Guide to Dominate in the Speaking Industry

Speak Up! The Ultimate Guide to Dominate in the Speaking Industry


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Ready to be a professional AND profitable speaker?

The face of the professional speaking industry is changing! If you have been searching for the formula to get booked and paid as a professional speaker or just want to slay the stage better, this AMAZON #1 BEST-SELLING book is for you!

When you pick up this book, you will gain access to the expertise and wisdom of over 30 remarkable co-authors…emerging thought leaders, entrepreneurs and expert speakers…who know the speaking business inside and out. This book is an invaluable resource for aspiring and seasoned speakers, and covers not just how to be a more engaging speaker but topics like branding, marketing, speaker must-haves, and more!

Roquita authors the chapter “Slay the Stage! Why a Powerful Keynote is Your #1 Asset.”

Here’s a sneak peek at the chapters that are waiting for you:


Speaking to Everyone Means Speaking to No One! – Summer Alexander
Class is in Session! – Linnita Hosten
Speaking is More Than Speaking! – Dr. Will Moreland


So, You Think You are Ready for a TEDx Talk? – Horace Buddoo
It is Not All About the Keynote! – Kiaundra Jackson
Slay the Stage! – Roquita Johnson
Educate, Entertain, and Inspire! – Cliff Townsend


Attract National Television Network Attention! – Crystal I. Berger
Your Brand Walks on Stage Before You Do! – Marshall Fox
#CallForSpeakers – Aurora Gregory
Are Boring Bios Blocking Your Bookings? – Tierany Griffin
I Wrote My Book, Now What? – Mwale and Chantel Henry
Why Should I Call You Back? – Candice Nicole
Find Your Stage! – Brian J. Olds
Your Audience in the Palm of Your Hand! – Altovise Peltzer
You Cannot Be Booked If You Cannot Be Found! – Pam Perry
Plan Before You Post! – Keisha Reynolds
Spread Your Voice to the World! – Kanika Tolver
CTRL+ALT+DEL – Danielle Tucker
Is Your Network Increasing Your Net Worth? – Robert Youngblood


Cash in on Courses! – Dupe Aleru
Is Coaching Your Calling? – Tiffany Bethea
New Payment Received! – Apryl Beverly
Pitch Your Way to Profit! – Quinn Conyers
Tired of Waiting to Get Booked? – Mothyna James-Brightful
Why Jump on a Plane? – DeKesha Williams
Producing Multiple Paths to Profit! – LaKesha Womack
I Speak for Fee! – Cheryl Wood


Objection! – Reginald and Hennither Gant
Process Leads to Profit! – Krista Jennings
What You Do not Know CAN Hurt You! – Shan-Nel D. Simmons
What is in the Brand Bag? – Layna Ware

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