Stop Playing and Start SLAYING Your Presentations!

6 Weekly Sessions
90 minute LIVE video calls via Zoom

Does this sound like YOU?
-I know God has called me to share my message, but I'm not sure where to begin
- I'm  rushing through presentations, just trying to "make it through" them. I feel frazzled and drained afterward due to nervousness
-My presentations are all over the place. There's no real structure or organization, and I start to sound like I'm rambling
-I'm worried about boring my audience. How do I keep them engaged besides telling a random joke that I hope will get a laugh?
- My desire to speak is being impacted by limiting, negative thoughts, and I'm not moving forward with getting the help I need

If this resonated with you, help is here! Roquita Johnson's Slay the Stage! intimate, interactive coaching program for Christian female professionals and entrepreneurs will help you meet these challenges head on and overcome them. You will learn the fundamentals of public speaking whether you're presenting in-person or virtually.

Topics will include:

-An easy structure for formatting content in a clear, logical way
-Important questions to ask yourself as you're putting content together, so you know what to include
-Solid engagement and delivery techniques to keep audiences on the edge of their seat instead of falling asleep
-Strategies for managing nervousness so you show up confident and present, instead of dreading your time to shine
-How women can build and not kill their credibility when speaking

So who is this program for??
Christian female professionals and entrepreneurs who are beginner speakers, ready to feel confident and prepared for the next speaking opportunity

This small group coaching cohort is only open to 12 participants.

Other fun details:
- Workbooks will be provided for each session to enhance learning and aid in retention
-All participants will deliver a short speech at the end of the program
-There will be a Facebook group for participants to interact throughout the program

Investment: $697
$997 Value

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Ready to level up your presentation skills??

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-Will I have access to session recordings if I can't make it?
Yes. Recordings will be posted to the Facebook group within 24 hours.

-Will I really be able to eliminate my nervousness when it comes to public speaking?
Even the best speakers will tell you they still get a little nervous before an engagement! A little nervousness can actually be a good thing (we'll discuss in the program!), but anxiety that is paralyzing is never good. You will learn real, practical strategies to help you MANAGE those nerves that come to all of us. You'll learn how to make nerves work for you.

-Will I be able to use what I learn for any presentations I create?
Yes! The methods, tactics, and strategies you will learn are easy to use for any presentations you prepare and deliver.

-What if I don't have a presentation that I'm currently working on?
You do not need to come into the program with a project! You will work on a newly created presentation if you don't have a current one you want to use. 

Roquita Johnson is an award-winning speaker, Certified World Class Speaking Coach, and Certified Virtual Presenter who has been delivering engaging speeches and presentations for a variety of audiences. She conducts corporate trainings and offers private coaching sessions on the art of public speaking, in addition to facilitating programs on leveraging Zoom for presentations. She has been a speaker/trainer for numerous events, including ones held by the Newman’s Own Foundation, Toastmasters International, the Special Libraries Association, and Black Speakers Network.

Slay the Stage!®
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