Ladies, Present Your Best Self!
Confident Speaking Masterclass

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Saturday, July 22 | 10am-12:30pm CST

Do any of these statements sound familiar?

  • I'm rushing through presentations, just trying to "make it through"
  • I’m tired of feeling frazzled and tense when I speak due to nervousness
  • My desire to speak professionally is being impacted by my lack of confidence
  • I know I am knowledgeable on my topic, but I don’t sound or look like it

If you said “YES!” - then this engaging masterclass is for you!
Ladies, I have been where you are. I used to HATE having to deliver presentations when I first started working my first real corporate job many years ago. Instead of it being a great opportunity for me to share my knowledge and expertise with my co-workers and upper management, it felt like a tortuous experience that I DREADED. I finally got tired of feeling incompetent, which drove me on a dedicated mission to become a confident speaker - and then a World Class Speaking Coach who shows other Christ-centered women how to be one too!

This masterclass is designed for women who are beginner or emerging public speakers, ready to conquer their stage fright and step into the spotlight. 

In this 2.5-hour virtual masterclass, you will…

-Learn the biggest myth about public speaking anxiety you need to stop believing (it actually causes more harm than help)

-Pick up proven relaxation tools and techniques that prepare you physically and mentally

-Avoid the credibility-killers that negatively affect the way audience members view you (including some that are attributed more to women)

-Find out how to prepare yourself for the most common fear-inducing scenarios that throw speakers off

-Learn tips for handling challenging questions like a champ

-Discover a simple step-by-step process for practicing your speech so you show up confident and ready to deliver on the big day

Ladies, it’s time to stop letting fear hold you back! Learn the strategies today to project poise and power when you speak.

Investment: $97

Confident Speaking Masterclass
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