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How to Keep Your Content Fresh

There are times when you will have to give the same presentation numerous times, to numerous audiences. This is especially true if you work in a field where you have to train groups of people, such as sales, human resources, or insurance. Let’s face it – sometimes it can start to feel a little boring and routine presenting the same information over and over! So what can you do to keep the content fresh for yourself and the audience?

First, you have to remember that even though you may be presenting it for the 100th time, your audience is hearing it for the first time. If you appear disinterested and like you don’t want to be there, they will sense that and it leaves a bad taste with them. Here are a few other tips to help you maintain your enthusiasm:

1.    Go into the presentation with a positive mindset. Instead of thinking “I have to present to this group,” approach it as “I GET to present to this group.” It really is an honor to enhance someone’s knowledge or provide entertainment for them.

2.    Find out what they already know about your topic. This will allow you to start from a place of familiarity for them, and take them to a place of uncharted territory. You won’t bore them with repetitive information, and the presentation will become new for you since it’s been modified.

3.    Have fun with it! Feel free to ad lib a little. As long as you still cover the most important points, it’s ok to have a few “freestyle” moments to change it up a bit.

4.    Stay up to date. If you think about it, there are probably some parts of your presentation that can be updated. Is there a new statistic available to replace the one you’ve been using for a year? Is there a new best practice you could mention? What current event would be a great example to add now? What’s the latest research out there? All you need to do is hop on Google!

Every presentation should feel like the first time, because it certainly is for your audience. Don’t cheat them out of a valuable experience because it is not new for you. With preparation, you can always find new ways to present the same information!

What other tips would you add for keeping content fresh?

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